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Sunday, 14 May 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 2

I ran the second session of my GURPS campaign today, one of my players had chosen a new character, while the other had spent his points from last time on upping a couple of utility skills.

Session 2:

Arlong - Big scary fishman; Sai knife and crossbow enthusiast - 100 points
Vils Mageblood - Human Wizard; Necromancy and falchion - 110 points
[NPC] Rob - Human Ranger; Survival and longsword - ?

Arlong and Vils met on a ship that was granting cheap passage to a tropical island that had been discovered to have several of the strange stone towers built into it. They decided to hire Rob (who was also travelling on the boat) for $40 and a cut of the loot, in case they needed to do anything survival-y in the jungle. Upon arrival, they headed to a tower right on the beach that had been converted into a makeshift inn. Despite the large numbers of looters and pirates landing at the island, the inn had been left intact, as it was convenient for rest, trading, and recruiting for all the local delvers. 

In exchange for their patronage and a few shekels (my world's currency; small gold coins), the innkeeper gave the party a blood-stained map that had been brought back by the only survivor of a previous adventuring party. He also told them that undead were commonly found on this island, and there was a man on the beach coating weapons in silver for a fee. Vils thanked him, and went to see the smith. Upon discovering that coating his falchion would cost over $7000, Arlong instead had 5 bolts coated for his crossbows.

After they'd finished shopping, they followed the map, heading for the nearest tower. A few pirates attempted to mug them while they were hiking, but decided better of it when the party advanced and fled. Arlong shot one in the leg before deciding that it was a waste of bolts, and so he strolled up to the limping man and ripped it out for later use. They reached the tower after a few hours and saw it was much like the one they'd been to in the ocean, but its door was smashed in, and there was another one a few hundred feet from it.

Inside was a trapdoor that had been jammed open with a spear (presumably by its last victim's party) with unsettling screams coming from within. They ignored it and headed to a passageway leading into the earth, that consisted of layers of decorated tiles, and a seemingly bottomless pit. A note was pinned to the wall that gave them clues as to what the marking meant and told them not to jump over any layers. They messed the patterns up at first, releasing several spring-powered blades from the walls and costing poor Rob his ability to walk for a few hours. Eventually they figured it out (after cursing my name for my poor clues), and figured out that bottomless pit was merely an illusion designed to trick them into jumping the layer it covered. 

After getting through the corridor, they walked (well, Rob crawled) into a natural-looking cavernous ledge, with a river of green goo below on one side, a way to a lower platform on the other, a ladder going up at the far end, and three zombies. Arlong initially fired his crossbows at them, but his non-silvered bolts were loaded, so it wasn't very effective. Vils failed a Control Zombie spell before charging in with his falchion. Rob cheered them on enthusiastically from his puddle of blood on the floor. Arlong's impaling weapons weren't very effective and Vils was, frankly, embarrassing, so it took quite a few rounds to drop the zombies. Vils sliced one apart groin-first, and cut a crawling one's face off, and Arlong used his Wrestling skill to piledrive a zombie's head into the rock (well, his weapons weren't working, so he had to improvise).

They found some healing potions on the zombies, so they healed Rob up and Vils recovered some energy. The ladder turned out to lead up to the top of the other tower they'd seen, where there was a switch that caused a wooden platform to move across the goo. Arlong and Vils stood on the platform, Arlong loading his silver bolts, while Rob went up and pulled the lever, leaving Rob to guard the entrance until they called him to bring them back.

At the other side was another ledge, with a hundred foot drop at either side, and a huge pile of loot in the middle. It was a gigantic number of coins, with a strange-looking dagger sticking out of it. A skeleton was also leaning on the pile, an ornate greatsword next to it and plate armour almost burned onto it. Arlong decided that it must have been killed by the goo and Vils went to retrieve the dagger. When he touched it, a rune lit up on the side and the blade burst into flame. This was almost enough to distract him from the now-animate wight reaching for him, but he managed to hit it with the dagger, and Arlong hit it with a silver bolt. The wight then grabbed him, draining FP with its cold. The wight then stood up with the greatsword and Arlong shot it with all but one of his silver bolts before he and Vils both charged it, trying to smash it apart with the blunt ends of their weapons. After being pummeled for a couple of seconds, the wight proceeded to cut off Arlong's toes, causing him to fall to the ground. Vils then managed to shatter one of its arms, prompting it to smack Vils with the other one. He stayed standing though, and kicked its leg so hard that it smashed to pieces (soaking up the cold damage from the wight's touch). Arlong had managed to recover from stun at this point, and lined up his last silver bolt with the wight's neck and... blasted its head clean off!

They decided they were pretty worn down at this point and headed back for the inn. They gave Rob $200 and the magical dagger, but kept the greatsword (which was etched with ancient carvings of skulls and turned out to be worth $2000!).

We ended the session there, and Vils trained for some greatsword skill and invested in a staff (to make killing skeles easier), while Arlong boosted his weapon skills. They're going to rest at the inn and head back to the tower next session.

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