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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 3

This was the third session of the campaign, with Vils and Arlong going back to explore the cluster of towers they found last session.

Session 3:

Arlong - Fishman/Low-Quality sharpshooter; Wrestling & Crossbows - 110 points
Vils Mageblood - Human Wizard; Necromancy & falchion - 120 points

The party are approached in the inn/tower by an elderly gentleman in a travelling cloak carrying a smooth metal staff. He informs them that he's an enchanter looking for artefacts like their greatsword and offers to come along on their next trip in exchange for any similar artefacts he finds. They agree. They decide to travel to the tower marked on the map as being in the river. They spot a couple of hunters on their journey, but leave them be.

They arrive at the river, which indeed has one of the familiar stone-brick towers in it. They wade over (the enchanter, Seam, instead walked across the water. Show off.) to the front door, which they proceed to violently demolish to reveal a descending spiral staircase. Vils goes down and the others follow. It leads into a large cavern, like the ones from their previous trip, with a 40-foot ledge leading to the only visible exit. Vils climbs up, and Seam casts Walk on Air on Arlong and himself until they reach the top. They're at the bottom of a huge ledge at a t-junction, with a green glow coming from the left. Curious, the party opt to go left. They emerge in another large cavern with a large drop at one side and a pool of the strange green goo surrounding a platform supporting a mass of strange crystals, that are producing the light. Despite hearing a roaring from below the ledge, Seam Walks over to the crystals and starts analysing them. Vils was less calm and cast Sense Danger; detecting some undead coming from the passage and something climbing up from the pit.

Arlong loaded his silver bolts and they waited for the first group of zombies to appear. There were five zombies in total, arriving in two groups of 2 and then a final one. Seam didn't participate as he was still analysing the crystals. The fight was fairly quick and the party won mostly unharmed thanks to poor zombie accuracy and their armour. Vils beat stuff with his staff and Arlong managed to pull off a piledriver. The noises from the pit were getting louder though, and a beefy-looking ghoul sprang up from the ledge. Arlong landed a brilliant leg shot, almost crippling it immediately. Vils proceeded to beat it ineffectually with his staff before Arlong managed to cripple its leg and it collapsed. At this point, Arlong ran up and started kicking it with his weaponised toes (from after he lost them to a wight last session). Vils then landed a 7-point staff swing to the groin, killing the ghoul and splitting one of its testicles in half.

Seam finished his analysis, took some of the crystals, and promptly took his leave, leaving the other two on their own.They decided they couldn't climb (and didn't particularly want to explore) the ledge the ghoul came from, and so headed up the other passageway. They were met with a long bridge over a river of the green goo, with a strange chalk line across across its beginning. Vils spotted something shiny on the other side. They threw a rock onto the bridge and as it crossed the chalk, it turned red. The objects on the other side of the bridge began to rise up and formed into an animated suit of armour wielding a mace, which began to walk across the bridge. Arlong placed himself at the edge of the chalk, ready to grapple the creature if it approached him. It kept walking closer, but stopped at the rocks and kicked them off the bridge, into the goo, before walking back to its original position and falling apart again.

Vils and Arlong eventually decided to lure it out and try to push it into the goo. They did this, but it was only damaged and crawled back up onto the edge, making sure not to cross the line. Vils told Arlong to pull it over the line, so Arlong grappled it and Vils hit it a bit before it was pulled over the line and fell apart. The plate was damaged and rusted, but the mace was usable and matched the greatsword that Seam wanted, so Arlong strapped it to his belt, before they headed across the bridge. They emerged in a huge cavern that headed in two directions, one a small drop, and one a couple of animated skeletons armed with rusted shortswords standing before a river of goo. Vils used Apportation to push one into the goo while Arlong attacked another with his new mace. Arlong killed his, but the other skeleton was unharmed by the goo, but had lost its sword. A few blows were then exchanged and Arlong eventually killed it with an immense blow to its foot. They could see no way across the goo, and so headed the other way.

The drop was only about 10 feet so they climbed down, and found a large pile of coins. There were about $800 and a powerstone that Vils identified. They then continued down and reached a 30-foot drop. About 20 feet away was a man in some ragged blue-striped clothes dragging a large chest towards a 5-foot ledge. Vils climbed down stealthily and approached the man, who seemed to be unarmed. Vils greeted the man, surprising him.

"Hello there," said Vils.
"Ah! I didn't notice you there... How'd you get into this passage?"
"From the tower in the river."
"I see. Anyone come with you?"
"Hmm. Well in that case I think I'll ask you for some of your loot; I'm a fellow delver in need, care to lend coin?"
"I'm afraid I've not much on me, friend."
"Well that's fine by me."
"Oh really, well you don't seem so well equipped to dictate that," commented Vils, gesturing at the pirate's empty belt.
"Oh believe me, I am."
"Why don't you show me?"

The pirate then extended his arms towards Vils and blasted him about 10 feet backwards with a magical blast of air. At this, Arlong fired the bolt he'd been aiming at the pirate, crippling his arm.

"Oh, so you do have a friend?"
"Hmm: many, many friends," Vils replied, unconvincingly.

The pirate started moving towards Vils, so Arlong fired again, randomly hitting him in the same arm.

"See how skilled he is? You should be terrified that he's hitting you in the same arm twice on purpose," lied Vils.

The pirate then threw up a Wall of Wind and summoned a 3-yard Lightning Whip in his good arm. He stepped through the wind towards Vils, prompting another bolt from Arlong, who crippled his leg. Now prone, the pirate still managed to hit Vils, for a devastating groin-hit with the whip. "What a shocking blow," commented the now-infertile Vils. Arlong then landed a final bolt, finishing the pirate, his whip dissipating as he died.

After Vils had recovered from the enormous shock from the injury, he got up and opened the chest. There was about $300 and an ornate buckler in the same style as the weapons they had found. Down the ledge was the steps up to another tower, which they headed up.

On their journey back, they were approached by a group of bandits in the same garb as the mage from the caverns. They attempted to mug them, which Arlong responded to by going to hand them his mace before smashing one of their arms to bits. They begged for their lives, offering recommendation to their captain in exchange for mercy. Vils accepted this offer, and Arlong took a few shekels too for good measure. They reached the inn without further incident.

Vils upped his weapon skills with his points, and Arlong trained up his Wrestling.

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