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Monday, 5 June 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 4

This was our fourth session of the campaign. Arlong and Vils had slept overnight after fighting the mage in the caves.

Session 4

Arlong - Fishman sharpshooter; Wrestling/Sai/Dual-Crossbows - 120 points
Vils Mageblood - Human Wizard/Adventurer; Necromancy and various weapons - 130 points

In the morning, three giant eagles and their riders were spotted flying overhead and landing in the jungle. Probably the Baron's Eagle Lords - elite scouts and warriors. Vils and Arlong decided that these and the pirates they were recommended to last session were probably best left alone, and they headed to the inn to pick up some hirelings. They found Dave, a cheery lad with a broadsword, shield, and IQ 9. They tossed him 100 shekels and headed for where the map they'd been using had supposedly been found. 

A bit into the jungle they found a cave entrance that had been decorated with cobblestone blocks, different from the stone brick of the towers. Vils lit his lantern and they headed in, Vils at the front, Dave at the back. The path split off after a bit and they went left, where they found a pool of water. Not wanting to risk it being an acid, they headed down the other path for the time being. The passageway opened up into a cavern, with an exit and 20-foot-up ledge on the far side, a small pool of goo in the centre, two zombies, and another sitting on a throne in full plate with an ornate broadsword. Before the armoured one had even stood up, Arlong had taken its leg out with a silvered bolt. They made short work of them after that and looted the bodies. They lent the broadsword to Dave but left the armour as it would be heavy. Dave took the helmet, as no-one else did. Vils climbed the ledge and found an exit at the top. He climbed back down and found the other passageway led to an ornate set of double doors. After cautiously pushing them open he found some gold, a black gem on a podium, and a shortsword of elven make, with runes they couldn't understand down the side. Vils picked them up.

They decided to head back to the water, which Vils declared safe with a Sense Danger, and they headed across. They came to a Y-junction and the left passage was blocked off with rubble so they went right. They killed a zombie that was in the passageway and peeked into a large cave. There were a couple of passageways leading off from it, one of them a dead end. And there was a massive zombie ogre heading straight for the party. Vils shot a Turn Zombie at it, but failed to turn it. So like all sensible delvers, they turned and ran. It followed them for a bit before returning to the cavern. The party decided to head back to the inn and pick up some potions or equipment to help them deal with the ogre.

They bought some health potions and alchemist's fire at the slightly-overpriced market, while Dave went off to get his helmet repaired. They were fairly tired from the travelling so they slept overnight at the inn. Dave greeted them in the morning wearing his helmet, which he'd decided to haphazardly carve his name into. Vils gave him some stuff to carry and they headed off.

After sneaking up to the opening of the ogre's cavern, they gave Dave the alchemist's fire to throw, so he dropped his shield and aimed stealthily. Boom! Direct hit. The zombie ogre rushed to its feet, Arlong shot at it, and Vils cast Turn Zombie at it. Emboldened by his successful throw, Dave rushed in heroically without bothering to pick up his shield. This resulted in the ogre crippling his foot instantly, ruining the moment. Luckily, Vils and Arlong managed to drop the ogre without him and Vils healed him up. They took some gold at the dead end and another black gem from a podium like the one from before.

They found another entrance here and we'd been playing for a while so they headed back to the inn and we ended the session there. Vils and Arlong trained up some utility skills, and I gave Dave a level-up per the hireling system I'd set up for the campaign.

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