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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Sessions 6/7/8 - tl;dr

Session 6 tl;dr: Vils and Arlong travelling to a watchtower to defend against some orcs. Vils got his leg chopped off by orc chief Zerq-Kief-Vers, who captured the fishing city's captain's daughter, Susan, who is a trainee soldier. The party and a group of guards raid the orcs' cave, fight orcs and suicide-bomber goblins, rescue Susan and a mysterious stranger, and leave after bombing the place with goblin suicide vests, Vers escapes and is left unfollowed. The captain (who is a little obsessed with his daughter) is incredibly grateful for his daughter's rescue.

Session 7 tl;dr: The captain offers the party use of his ship if they'll keep an eye on Susan during the ball to celebrate the guard's soon-to-be campaign to the West to protect some mining villages that were being raided. Vils finds poison in Susan's food, they search the cook's belongings and find a note with the Eastern Lord's seal with instructions to poison the Captain then wait in a hut outside the city. The party and captain go to the hut and find some Eastern-dressed soldiers there, who blabber nervously when questioned and eventually have to be killed. The captain calls a trial-by-combat for the cook, who announces the recently-arrested Dave his champion (drunk and he hit a guard). The captain duels Dave, defeats him, Arlong intervenes. Captain allows Dave to live, denounces the party for their interference, and kills the cook. The party suspect the suddenly-disappearing waiter was the real culprit. Vils plans to travel South-East to the Mage's Guild to see if they can shed any light on what's happening before the North rashly attacks the East.

Session 8 tl;dr: Vils sets off for the guild with Firefist (Arlong's player's new character; didn't see a reason why Arlong would bother to go; martial artist with some magic). They defeat some muggers at North-Port at the top of the Great River, play some bar games in the Halfway House tavern, and reach the Mage's Guild. They're permitted entry and told the head diviner will help them if they find a scouting party that went missing in a magic cupboard that leads to a maze of empty bookshelves (which is a low-mana zone, hence non-mages being sent in). They wander through, find that books there, once opened, spawn horrific tentacled monsters (the first of which was amusingly beaten to death by the bare-handed Firefist). We ended the session there to be picked up next time.

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