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Sunday, 19 November 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 10 - Rowing & Revenge

Session 10

Vils Mageblood - Wizard with a knack for stabbing ~ 180 points
Firefist - Martial Artist with a knack for burning ~ 120 points

Dave - Vils' dimwitted but faithful companion
Snik - A (human) dwarf with a great enthusiasm for knives
Percy* - Super sailor skilled in shooting

The party entered the palace, not aggressively but with due caution. They were in a huge, ornately decorated hall, with many doors, but no people. Vils suddenly stopped still as someone began communicating with him telepathically. After a minute, Vils turned around and directed everyone to a doorway he'd been told to enter. He did so, and placed his hands upon the crystal ball sitting on a pedestal in the small room past the door. Everyone was suddenly assaulted with a vision of a hunched man in garb of the Western Court (ornate arrow on a back off green and yellow) in a grand city. The man stopped and span around to look at them, then the scrying was dismissed. The Sages confirmed him as a defecting Sage, who left them a few years ago. The party decided they would probably find him in the Western Capital, and headed back to their ship.

Vils wanted to try and risk docking by the mountains and making their way over, as the Northern dock (a town that didn't see them in particularly favourable light) was the only proper dock back to the mainland. Firefist argued that the mountains were rife with monsters, and the North would never expect them to return. Eventually Vils conceded and they set sail for the port.

It was midnight when the port came within sight. Percy set the boat up to crash into the port's guardtower, and everyone climbed into a lifeboat and quickly rowed to the other end of the dock. They snuck through the side streets as the guards rushed to the port to prepare for the ship. They'd just made it to the main gate when a huge crash shook the town. They used this distraction to punch through the gate's guards and flee the town, hoping the crashed ship would get more attention than their escape route. It did.

They made their way to the Northern Pass and camped in a cave they found overnight. Everyone was heavily fatigued by this point but they couldn't really turn back so they kept going through the Pass. They were a few hours into their hike when they heard sudden roars from some nearby rocks. Vers (the orc chief that took Vils' leg a few sessions back) ambushed the party with 4 other orcs. Vers, new mace in hand, stepped forward and challenged Vils to a 1-on-1 duel instead of everyone having to fight. Vils accepted. Vils drew his sword and charged Vers. There was a fair back-and-forth of dodges for a while before Vers connected with Vils' same leg as before, and tore it off again. At this, Percy released an arrow into Vers, and the two groups charged each other. Firefist kept Vers away from Vils, dodged his mace with a few very close retreats, and dropped him with a flaming punch. The orcs were big but disorganised, and were brought down fairly quickly, not before Snik has acquired some serious injuries, however.

When Vils awoke Dave picked him up and he healed Snik back to half-HP. They trudged on to the Northern Capital, low on both HP and fatigue. They had to go through a quick process of registering their weapons before they went in. It was a nice city, bustling with people; it had a far greater and denser population than most other settlements. They headed straight for a temple, got Vils' leg repaired, then found an expensive inn and slept.

We ended the session here, the PCs agreeing that Snik and Percy wouldn't accompany them any further; Vils was known, while their faces weren't.

*Originally a PC from this game.

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