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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

DFRPG - Ingerland - Sessions 1,2,3

The first few sessions of the game went well. The players were new to GURPS as a whole but picked it up quickly. Saitama has taken to using grappled opponents as weapons, St. Michael goes for devastating high-velocity head-shots, and Moldriz is getting accustomed to GURPS-esque creative spell usage.

In session 1 they found a village being harassed by bandits, talked them into giving a large reward, and set up an ambush for a bandit raiding party. They tore through the bandits, although Moldriz took a big arrow shot early on. They then interrogated the survivors for a location and discovered the bandits are lead by a dwarf with a magical axe in an old fort at the top of a mountain. They came in through an old sewer tunnel halfway up the mountain, using Moldriz's walk on air and rope to get up there. They rammed a hireling's spear up the outhouse that led into the tunnel, catching a bandit unawares. They then climbed up, stealthed through the fog, and killed the bandit. They then beat the dwarf leader in a (more-or-less) honourable duel. They discovered the fort was made to contain a cave dragon locked within the mountain. They went down to fight it, discovering its wings had withered in captivity, it and St. Michael shared an exchange of 5 sequential critical misses, and the party eventually fled and locked it back, heavily injured by its claws and beams of pressurised sound.

In session 2 they collected their reward from the villagers, and headed to a larger town. They went shopping, then attended the Adventurer's Guild, where they met the resident wood elf who offered them membership if they solved some farmside murders attributed to the legendary 'Spirit of Hallow's Eve'. They went down there, used a villager as bait, and followed a bugbear back to its lair. Saitama left to search for the villager they'd used as bait. Moldriz and St. Michael went through its underground caverns, avoiding traps, killing the bugbear, and saving a well-known adventurer from its clutches. Saitama found the real Spirit of Hallow's Eve; a large man in full plate with pumpkin paint and a greatsword. The others eventually made their way there from the dungeon and they killed it, revealing it as a vampire. They went back to town and Moldriz and Saitama opted to join the adventurer's guild.

In session 3 St. Michael stayed in town to do church work. Moldriz and Saitama travelled to a greenskin-raided gnome lab to gain favour with the gnome tinkerers they hope will make them special beartrap-related weaponry. They went in, killed goblins, orcs, and hobbos. They got hit with a few gnome traps, and looted an experimental drum-fed crossbow. They then discovered the bottom floor was inhabited by a demon sacrificing gnomes. They killed it and took a dead gnomes magic wand. They went back to town and got promoted, before being promised passage to the gnome tinkerer workshop for their services.

DFRPG - Ingerland - Adventurer Roster

Adventurer Race Niche Affiliations
St. Michael Gargoyle War Cleric of Christ The Church of Christ
Saitama Ogre Wrestler/Gnome Mount Adventurer's Guild
Moldriz Fizzlebox Gnome Wizard/Ogre Jockey Adventurer's Guild

Thursday, 25 January 2018

PTU Amateur Tourney #2

Trainer Class Pokémon 1 Pokémon 2 Result Sprite
Ooka Type Ace Smeek (Onix) Turto (Tirtouga) 3rd Place
Jessy Ace Trainer/Commander/Duelist Arden (Aron) Misa (Mienfoo) 2nd Place
Theta Duelist/Type Ace Maki Guy (Oshawott) Casnein (Alolan Rattata) 4th Place
Autumn Viel Cheerleader/Mentor Koko (Pikachu) Togetic 1st Place

Sunday, 17 December 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 11 (Sage's Prey)

Session 11

Vils Mageblood - Swords & Sorcery ~ 190 points
Firefist - Fists & Fire ~ 130 points

Dave - Fast of Blade & Slow of Mind

Vils, Firefist, and Dave set off for the Western capital, wary of their hunt and excited to finally come face-to-face with the elusive sage. The Western villages were poor, with hungry and tired-looking peasants tending the fields. After a couple of hours, they were hailed by a shouting villager, "Come! Bandits ravage our village, they're killing my friends!" The party agreed to help and followed the man to the edge of some worn-down buildings. "I don't hear any commotion," commented Vils, to which the man shouted, "This way!" gesturing to an alleyway. The party were suspicious and immediately put the man at sword-point. He admitted the village was close to starving and he and a group of others had been planning to mug the party. At the man's honesty Vils released him, go, and if any of your friends wish to join us, they may. After a while a skinny man wielding a gardening scythe approached them cautiously. "My name's Ron, I wish to take up your offer." Firefist dumped some of his supplies on Ron and they set off again.

They soon reached the capital. A magnificent-looking city with huge spires and majestic sculptures was built up in the mountains, a tall marble staircase leading to a gilded gate. While the huge white towers were impressive, they were overshadowed by the looming peaks above. Two finely-equipped guards held spears by the gate. They questioned their party of their business to which they replied that they were traders. "Your weapons then," stated a guard.
"What?" asked Vils.
"Civilians are not permitted weapons within the city walls."
The party reluctantly handed over their weaponry, and were let in.

The buildings were fabulous, but the people looked as they did in the outer villages, poor and hungry.  Noticeably,  all the stores had standardised signs without names, and the streets were largely empty. Vils asked a guard of the palace's location, and strolled over to take a look. It was as grand as expected, with a dozen guards covering the entrance alone. They walked back to the markets and slipped into an inn. Dave was disappointed to find alcohol was also prohibited in the capital, and settled for a cup of water and some bread. After they'd sat down, a boisterous man burst in, "Friends! How long has it been?" and sat himself down at their table. They did not know this man. Once he'd sat down his demeanour changed. He explained he was part of a rebel group here in the city, and the party's arrival had triggered a drop in the city-wide wards. This was presumably as the sage (the King's, as the Western lord declared himself, chief adviser, was scrying them. This allowed the rebels to put up their own spells, their conversation appearing mundane to the outside, which the stranger demonstrated by yelling abuse at a large man across the room, who didn't appear to hear him. The stranger told them some of the rebel's agents had tracked the Adviser's movements to an area of the ridge (the central mountain range), and he could direct the party to the area.

They left, retrieved their weapons, and headed for the area the stranger had directed them to. Night had fallen when they spotted the campfires in the distance. Vils snuck forwards and saw four large, dark-skinned men bearing patches of scales (the desert-cursed serpentine) around a campfire and some makeshift wooden scaffolding forming a ramp up to a large cave entrance, where one serpentine sat near two smaller hooded people. Vils reconvened with the rest of the party and they decided to have Vils light a fire to draw the serpentine out then the others will sneak in. So Vils crept a distance away down the mountains' edge while the Firefist, Dave, and Rob made their way behind a large rock near the camp. Three of the four serpentine in the camp went to investigate, wielding large, curved swords, while the other one kept guard of the camp. Vils got back to the party before the group of serpentine reached the fire and, being on a lucky streak with his stealth today, went to sneak up on the last remaining guard. He succeeded, getting up right behind him for a sneak attack! Then he critically missed, dropped his weapon, and the serpentine noticed him. Vils picked up his sword before being kicked over by the large man. Firefist charged in at this point, with Dave and Rob following, and felled him.

They then charged up the ramp, Dave throwing his sword at the serpentine running down from the top, but missing. Vils slew him in a few blows. The hooded figure had his hand on the top of the ramp, muttering quickly to himself. The spell he was casting was causing areas of the ramp to splinter and crack, so the party raced up to slay him, after a few closely-missed ranged shots, Firefist kicked him in the face and Dave finished him off. The group of serpentine that had left to investigate had noticed the commotion at this point, and were very nearly at the base of the ramp. Vils prepared an explosive fireball and waited for them to approach a bit closer. Firefist was trying to talk to the remaining hooded man, who was sat muttering to himself in front of the cave. Dave tried to enter it but walked into a magical barrier blocking the way. The serpentine reached the ramp. Firefist hit the hooded man, and his spell was broken. Vils threw his fireball at the serpentine, they dodged it but it hit the floor next to them, sending them rolling down and burning a huge hole in the middle of the ramp. "You have doomed us all!" cried out the hooded man hysterically, attempting to flee. Firefist kept him on the platform, "What are you doing here?" A rush of air came from the cave. The man shouted, "The gryphon!" A hulking blur of claws and feathers flew threw him then, tearing him to pieces, and the gryphon, a 10 foot angry female, threw him from the platform.

Vils, for some reason, ran to the gryphon to take a few fruitless swings while the others fled down the ramp. Rob cleared the hole that Vils' fireball had made, Dave was just short but grabbed on, and Firefist slipped and fell down hard onto some of the scaffolding, taking damage from the fall. Vils had come to his senses and jumped the hole as Dave pulled himself up. Rob dropped to the floor as the gryphon's talons clawed inches from his head, and Firefist nimbly climbed along the scaffolding to pull himself up. The gryphon continued down and delivered a nasty blow to one of the serpentine, tearing his arm from its socket. The party assembled itself as the gryphon carried another one of the serpentine into the air, and Firefist dropped the remaining man. After she'd dropped the screaming man to his death, the gryphon dived towards the party, prompting them all to quickly make their way into the scaffolding under the ramp. The gryphon landed hard, and went to claw at Firefist under the ramp. Critical miss! The gryphon got caught in some of the scaffolding and fell to the ground, attempting to free itself. "Now!" Vils lead the heroic flight away from the scary monster as it clambered back up. It came for them again, grabbing hold of Rob and lifting him into the air. Then, in one of the luckiest set of rolls I have ever witnessed, Firefist leaped his full jump height into the air, and delivered a flaming uppercut to one of the legs the gryphon was grappling Rob with. The blow broke Firefist's hand, but majorly wounded the gryphon, saving the life of poor Rob.

The wounded gryphon flew away and prepared for another dive. It came straight for Vils, beak opened to tear his head off. Vils sidestepped out of its path (a dodge made by 1!), and cut into its wing with his sword. She crashed into the ground and gave a couple of fruitless rear kicks, before being cut to pieces by the party. The heavily injured, but victorious, party took some feathers from the dead gryphon, and went up to her cave. There they found an unhatched gryphon egg! These were rare and invaluable to any army. They made their plan to sell it to the Northern Lord, and set off north for the capital.

The gryphon fight went very well for the players. This wasn't meant to be an easy fight, but through some clever use of the environment and some lucky rolls they felled it without any casualties. The hole in the ramp caused by that fireball was a wonderful happy accident, that really added to the encounter.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Session 10 - Rowing & Revenge

Session 10

Vils Mageblood - Wizard with a knack for stabbing ~ 180 points
Firefist - Martial Artist with a knack for burning ~ 120 points

Dave - Vils' dimwitted but faithful companion
Snik - A (human) dwarf with a great enthusiasm for knives
Percy* - Super sailor skilled in shooting

The party entered the palace, not aggressively but with due caution. They were in a huge, ornately decorated hall, with many doors, but no people. Vils suddenly stopped still as someone began communicating with him telepathically. After a minute, Vils turned around and directed everyone to a doorway he'd been told to enter. He did so, and placed his hands upon the crystal ball sitting on a pedestal in the small room past the door. Everyone was suddenly assaulted with a vision of a hunched man in garb of the Western Court (ornate arrow on a back off green and yellow) in a grand city. The man stopped and span around to look at them, then the scrying was dismissed. The Sages confirmed him as a defecting Sage, who left them a few years ago. The party decided they would probably find him in the Western Capital, and headed back to their ship.

Vils wanted to try and risk docking by the mountains and making their way over, as the Northern dock (a town that didn't see them in particularly favourable light) was the only proper dock back to the mainland. Firefist argued that the mountains were rife with monsters, and the North would never expect them to return. Eventually Vils conceded and they set sail for the port.

It was midnight when the port came within sight. Percy set the boat up to crash into the port's guardtower, and everyone climbed into a lifeboat and quickly rowed to the other end of the dock. They snuck through the side streets as the guards rushed to the port to prepare for the ship. They'd just made it to the main gate when a huge crash shook the town. They used this distraction to punch through the gate's guards and flee the town, hoping the crashed ship would get more attention than their escape route. It did.

They made their way to the Northern Pass and camped in a cave they found overnight. Everyone was heavily fatigued by this point but they couldn't really turn back so they kept going through the Pass. They were a few hours into their hike when they heard sudden roars from some nearby rocks. Vers (the orc chief that took Vils' leg a few sessions back) ambushed the party with 4 other orcs. Vers, new mace in hand, stepped forward and challenged Vils to a 1-on-1 duel instead of everyone having to fight. Vils accepted. Vils drew his sword and charged Vers. There was a fair back-and-forth of dodges for a while before Vers connected with Vils' same leg as before, and tore it off again. At this, Percy released an arrow into Vers, and the two groups charged each other. Firefist kept Vers away from Vils, dodged his mace with a few very close retreats, and dropped him with a flaming punch. The orcs were big but disorganised, and were brought down fairly quickly, not before Snik has acquired some serious injuries, however.

When Vils awoke Dave picked him up and he healed Snik back to half-HP. They trudged on to the Northern Capital, low on both HP and fatigue. They had to go through a quick process of registering their weapons before they went in. It was a nice city, bustling with people; it had a far greater and denser population than most other settlements. They headed straight for a temple, got Vils' leg repaired, then found an expensive inn and slept.

We ended the session here, the PCs agreeing that Snik and Percy wouldn't accompany them any further; Vils was known, while their faces weren't.

*Originally a PC from this game.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

GURPS - Watery Grave - Sessions 9 - Piracy & Pirates

It has been a few weeks since this game so my memory of it is a tad fuzzy, but I remember most of the details so the write-up will hopefully still be sufficiently thorough.

Session 9 

Vils Mageblood - A skillful spellsword with a noble heart ~ 170 points
Firefist - Bruce Lee with hands of flame ~ 110 points

We picked up where we left off with Vils and Firefist in the Mages' library-dungeon. They found the missing scout party dead in the next room, swiped their jewellery for proof and headed back out with no further incident. The Mages then granted them their divination, and found the murder attempt was related to an image of an "owl with a cracked eye". The diviner informed them the owl was the symbol of the Sages, a secretive organisation of wizards studying meta-magic, who live in an island-palace a day or so from the docks. A Mage warned that the seas there are rife with pirates, and provided Vils with a magic scroll he could use to degrade a ship in a matter of minutes. Vils suggested borrowing a ship from the Eastern Lord in exchange for attempting to clear his name, so the Mages gave them a warrant and they set off for the Eastern capital.

A few hours down the road, they saw smoke rising from a village. An orc band had raided it the previous evening, and they supposedly had trolls. Vils and Firefist continue down the road until they come across a brutally mauled ox. Firefist hid in the rolling hills while Vils sneaked forward to investigate. The trail led to a troll, who unfortunately spotted him, and started charging. Firefist threw down a Smokescreen and they ran away until the thumping stopped.

They reached the Eastern Capital, were allowed entry, and soon had an audience with the Lord. He granted them use of the ship but warned that the North had anchored all their ships and denied the East use of them. Firefist figured they'd find a way and they headed North. Aside from a couple of very unsuccessful mugging attempts, Firefist winning some bar brawls, and them sneaking past some heavier Northern patrols, their journey back to the Northern Dock was relatively uneventful. They hired a few people to help them; Snik: a (human) dwarf with a proficiency with daggers; Percy: An experienced sailor with some Elven memorabilia and an incredible skill with his bow; and their trusty companion Dave. They discussed the plan with their hirelings then waited for dark to steal the ship.

Vils and Firefist hobbled up to the two guards blocking entry to the ship they wanted, feigning drunkenness. After they'd had a bit of fun with that, they swung for them, Vils missing terribly, and Firefist underestimating the density of their plate armour. They exchanged a few blows before the guards readied their pikes and Percy released an arrow into one's face. The fight was now getting noisy so they rushed for the ship with Vils and Dave covering the plank. A squad of five, including the Captain of the Guard, showed up. The shock of their appearance was soon outshone however by Snik firing the ship-mounted ballista through two of them. Dave covered their escape before running onto the ship last-second as they pulled away from the shore and into the open sea!

The crew was awakened in the morning with Percy's worried shouting of "Pirates!". The ship was larger than the party's, and flew a Jolly Roger infected with bulbous pustules and puss. Vils took control of the party, told Snik to man the ballista, and fished the Mage's scroll out from his pack. Once the enemy was within a reasonable distance, Vils told Snik to fire. He took out one of what they could see was about 15 men. Snik took a couple more shots before they closed, but didn't do much damage. The pirates smashed their ship into the party's, and their captain, a 7-foot, diseased mass of pustules and goo announced, "I be Nurg, and this be my crew! Prepare to be boarded!". Nurg was huge, green, and essentially barely human. He had a flintlock pistol (a rare and expensive weapon) at his belt. His sickly-looking crew were armed with curved knives dripping with Nurg's goo.

Vils kicked off the battle by casting the (apparently very powerful) scroll, which blew out some holes in the bottom of Nurg's ship, causing it to begin to sink. Nurg's crew started to board and half of them were easily cut down before Nurg stepped into the fray. Firefist rushed him, and Nurg fired off a shot at him, luckily only skimming his torso. Firefist closed and delivered a huge Burning punch to Nurg's torso, doing massive damage, but Firesfist's hand was burned by the corrosive goo seeping out of Nurg. Nurg took the opportunity to grab Firesfist's head with his free hand, slowly melting his face with the burning puss. Firefist collapsed from the damage, but Vils put a big cut in Nurg's arm, forcing him to let go. Snik dragged Firefist back from the fray while Vils and Nurg buckled some swash, and Dave mounted the ballista. After sustaining various injuries from Vils, Nurg backed off onto his own ship. Dave fired but missed terribly. Nurg collapsed after a thrown knife from Snik, and Nurg's ship began to pull away. Vils stepped up to the edge of the ship and readied a huge 6-point fireball, which he released straight through both Nurg's head and the ship, finalising its fate as doomed to sink. A couple of the pirates attempted to climb up the side as their ship sank, but Snik put an end to that with some finger-stamping. Vils healed Firefist while the pirates drowned in a traditional post-battle shark attack.

The next morning they arrived at the Sages' palace. It was a magnificent structure, with the only dockable point leading to the main building with a rope bridge. They docked and headed up the bridge. The palace doors suddenly opened, and a man in full plate with a greatsword stepped out. He spoke, "If your purpose is noble, one of you must face me, an undefeated warrior with a cursed sword that traps its victim's souls. Win or lose, you will be allowed to pass." Vils volunteered himself and went to hit the knight, but his sword passed straight through him; an illusion. A voice said, "You have been proven noble," and the doors began to slide open.

We ended the session there, this seeming a suitably suspenseful cliffhanger.